Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The New Radicaal 4

The Radical 4 is the successor of the Radicaal 3.

After riding more then a year on the Radicaal 3 I had to get used to riding on a new board,
but after 1 day of riding with the Radicaal 4 I was fully used to the board and noted how easy the board was in choppy conditions.
The board is more loose on the water but when you edge you feel the board getting grip super good!
I was riding the M 134 X 40 but I going to take the L 138 X 42 because I am a bit to big for the M.
The board is super light and has a really nice flex. I really enjoy riding the new Radicaal 4 and really see the different's compared to last year!


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